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Custom Home Design Process

imageStep 1.  Floor Plan Design
Step 2.  Elevation Study
Step 3.  Preliminary Plans
Step 4.  Final Plans
Step 5.  Builder Selection

JM invites you to go through our design process

What you should bring to our first visit:

- A copy of your site plan/plot plan
- Architectural guidelines / Covenants, conditions, & restrictions
- Some photos or magazine cut-outs

Only have one or two of the above?  Then, JM will be happy to assist you by referring you to someone who can help you with your search for your future home site.

Our first visit will be primarily composed of extracting your desires and needs for your future home.  We can, and will, go over previously designed projects so that you can grasp an understanding of what to expect as a finalized plan.  Once you have made your decision to move forward toward your future residence, request JM’s professional Agreement, Review, and Sign.  A retainer is required before JM will meet with you on your property to visualize the orientation, note the drainage, and record the views on which to focus.  After this data is captured, JM will initiate the design of the floor plan.

Our next meeting will then be scheduled to review the layout and flow of your plan.  We will make all notes, concerns and adjustments to be executed.  These notes will then be executed and resubmitted to review if/as necessary.  Once you are satisfied with the floor plan, JM will require the next payment prior to finishing the plans for your home to a “check set” level.  This will be a preliminary, not for construction, set if plans.  With this set, we will review the elevations, electrical plan (ask me about lighting specialist services), and interior elevations.  Once again, we will make all notes, concerns, and adjustments needed to be added/performed to the floor plans. 

After these last meeting items have been addressed, JM will provide you with two (2) sets of your finalized plan for your future investment.  Please retain one of the sets for your records. 

Call or email so that we can meet and initiate making your dream home a reality!


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