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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will JM build my home?

JM is not set up to be a home builder; however, JM has worked closely with the following home builders:


What is JM’s design philosophy?

Our basic design philosophy is to design for the client’s taste and desires.  Above and beyond that, JM will do their best to target a great front elevation and to create a strong inviting feeling when one enters the home.  We also focus on creating nice proportions for every space.

How busy is JM; what is the turn-around time?

This is a great question to ask every designer/architect that you are considering.  Based on the square footage of each project, availability to meet or get questions answered by the client, and the desired expectations for completion of each project will determine, on a case-by-case basis, the turn-around time for your project.

How will JM gather information about our goals for our home?

Communication is essential to every project.  JM asks that you bring photos or magazine tear-outs of elements that you would like for your future home.  Gathering information for your floor plan is acquired through our initial visit via an interview/survey.

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